Research suggests there are over 1 million people who often feel lonely in London. An increasing number of people work and live alone making London in particular a lonely city. 

Many of us feel that we would like more company and conversation without the need to have a strong interest in any particular activity. Our experience is that drawing strength from like-minded people can make all the difference. That's why we created Good Company.

What to expect

Good Company provides access to like-minded people looking for friendship (not dating) without the need to have a specific interest. Our welcome meetings ensure everyone you meet is safe and genuine.

At each meeting we have a guest speaker and the opportunity to discuss our own experience of being lonely in small groups. We'll share advice and tips for making more connections over tea and coffee.

Once you've attended a welcome meeting we'll put you in touch with people who would like to share time doing similar things. For instance, going to a gallery together or going for a walk in the local area.

  • Trusted - everyone on the platform has come to a welcome get together
  • Genuine - all Good Company members are open about feeling lonely and would like more company
  • Convenient - the platform fits with your lifestyle. Meet with people in person or online when you want


"A BIG THANK YOU for creating this gathering group for people of all ages, who like to meet other people. I enjoyed meeting those on my table and look forward to seeing them again another time. The discussions you set for us on each table were, I thought, stimulating. I'm really glad I saw your ad on streetbank and even gladder to have responded and then attended." Patricia

"I enjoyed very much the Good Company meeting. It was very stimulating, and I enjoyed the way you organised it, by creating topics to focus on." Marilyn

"I'm so happy that you have organised these meetings. It is really helping me to talk about it with others." Sidra