Volunteering with Good Company

Finding time to volunteer in London can be a challenge. Maintaining a work-life balance can be difficult. Our lives are hectic, time pressured, and our connections more and more online. So creating meaningful real connections in your free time is increasingly important. That’s why we designed Good Company. Our aim is to help you create local real world friendships with people who have a different perspective on life. We do this in a way that fits with your lifestyle - you decide where, when and how long you meet with someone. Meeting someone from an older generation gives you the chance to spend quality time with a neighbour at a different pace.

Our volunteers come from all across London. We do not set an age limit on who can volunteer. We just ask that they have an open minded and are interested in meeting other local people.

The journey from signing up to meeting with someone can be as short as 2 weeks. Volunteers sign up online at http://goodcompanyforall.org/volunteer-application. It takes about 5 minutes to complete the form. We cover the cost of all DBS checks and run these through a company called uCheck. Once we receive the DBS details we will let you know about the next available training session. Training sessions are run throughout London and it’s a great way to meet other Londoners usually in your area. You can check out all the training content here.

Once you’ve been trained we’ll look for someone suitable nearby for you to meet. Depending on the area this could happen as quickly as  a few days, or more typically it would be in a few weeks.

In Good Company, our older members can choose who they want to meet up with, so you will typically be paired with someone who shares a similar interest to you, and has something in common with you. Everyone gets more out of the meetings when they can meet up with someone like-minded. If you would like to volunteer please complete our application form here. We look forward to welcoming you to Good Company at a training session soon.

Juggling family life and other commitments

Juggling family life and other commitments

Seeing parents can be hard when life is busy. Loneliness and isolation among the elderly can reduce health and well-being, and personal care is an expensive and often unnecessary option.  Local services exist to connect older people with people to share time. A new initiative - Good Company - is being launched in London this summer.